Will Your Dog Get Enough Exercise in Kennels?

Although kennels may have a legal requirement to exercise dogs, the amount of exercise your dog will get may vary depending on the kennel you choose. If you have a particularly active dog that needs regular exercise, you may need to talk to a few boarding kennels before you find one with the right services. Legal Requirements for Exercise in Kennels States set rules on how much daily exercise dogs must get in boarding kennels when they board overnight for a specific number of days or weeks.

Stress-Free Travel For Your Cat—Ten Top Tips

The journey to the cattery can be stressful and upsetting for your pet.  Here are ten top tips to keep your kitty chill en route to her holiday home. Make sure that your cat is secure in her carrier before you set off so that your pet cannot escape into the car while you're driving.  Driving with a panic-stricken cat hurtling around the inside of your car is not only dangerous; it's very frightening for your pet.

3 Reasons Dogs Can Experience Stomach Upsets in Boarding Kennels

An upset stomach is a common issue experienced by dogs during their first day or two at a boarding kennel and can manifest as vomiting, loss of appetite or diarrhoea. If it's not generally considered a sign your dog is unhappy at the kennels or that they've had any negative experiences there, what causes it? If you call the boarding kennel during the first day or two or your dog's stay and they mention your dog has had an upset stomach, it's likely a result of one of the following: