Will Your Dog Get Enough Exercise in Kennels?

Although kennels may have a legal requirement to exercise dogs, the amount of exercise your dog will get may vary depending on the kennel you choose. If you have a particularly active dog that needs regular exercise, you may need to talk to a few boarding kennels before you find one with the right services.

Legal Requirements for Exercise in Kennels

States set rules on how much daily exercise dogs must get in boarding kennels when they board overnight for a specific number of days or weeks. For example, in Victoria, the recommendation for dogs is that they are exercised for at least 10 minutes twice a day. If kennels follow the letter of the law in this state, they only have to meet this requirement for dogs that board overnight for more than two weeks in standard sized accommodation or for more than four weeks in bigger pens.

How to Get the Right Balance for an Active Dog

While some dogs cope fine with the amount of exercise they get in kennels, others may not. If you have an active dog that gets lots of exercise at home, you may want to look for boarding kennels that go that extra mile to meet its activity needs. For example, when you look around facilities, ask the following questions:

  • How much access to exercise yards is your dog allowed? Check how often your dog will be taken outside and how long it will be allowed to run around. Bear in mind that kennels may restrict yard access when they have a lot of dogs boarding, allowing small groups of dogs out to play for shorter periods.
  • Is there an indoor exercise area for bad weather days? Kennels should provide covered exercise areas to allow dogs to run around when the weather is too bad for them to be outside.
  • How are exercise periods managed? Kennels should monitor dogs if they exercise in groups. However, some kennels get staff to play with dogs, encouraging them to run around and get more exercise.
  • Does the kennel offer dog walking? Some kennels will take dogs out for longer walks, either alone or in small groups. This service is likely to add to your boarding costs.

Tip: Boarding kennels typically exercise dogs in groups. If your dog is anti-social or has any odd quirks about other types of dogs, you must tell kennel staff before it boards. They will then be able to make sure it mixes with the right kinds of dogs or takes exercise on its own.